Take home your must-have beauty products from all your favorite Sisters Services.
Explore a wide variety of brands, with 3-hour delivery across Dubai*
*1-2 Day delivery across all other Emirates.


Seeking the right take-home treatment for your luscious locks? Explore a selection of ranges and brands to maintain your own inimitable style, protect your colour and add that extra shine.


Our highly recommend beauty products to protect and hydrate your skin following your favorite facial treatment. The perfect addition to your morning and evening routine.


Repair, protect and nourish your nails for the ultimate long-lasting manicure and pedicure. Explore a range of products to help keep your nails perfect.


Take the relaxation home and enjoy a selection of luxurious products. Spoil your skin with a wide range of moisturizes, body scrubs, lotions, serums and more.

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