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Cancellations & Replacements

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Cancellation & Replacements

When an order had been placed with us, then you adhere to your consumer rights to cancel and return your items in that order, at the indicated priced including delivery fees, taxes and duties if and where applicable.

Order fulfilment is subject to our acceptance, which can be withheld or declined in our sole discretion including reasons such as ineligibility, inability to confirm authorisation of payment, suspicion of fraud, shipping restrictions and stock availability. Items in the website checkout basket are not reserved until after the payment of the order.

The website (and/or call centre) may possess or provide information/support related to the availability of merchandise. The information may help comprise an estimate of availability immediately upon placing orders. However, the guarantee of an item being stated as available cannot be given, as inventory changes can occur throughout working days. In rare situations, products that may be available upon order can be sold out before processing, should this happen, you will be notified immediately.

Receipt of your order will be acknowledged through email, however, the order is only confirmed when a notification of dispatch (of relevant items) is received. No party other than BeautyTribe has the authority to inform the acceptance and process of the order.

Complimentary Gifts: We at BeautyTribe hope you enjoy your complimentary gifts with purchases made on our website. However, please acknowledge that such items purchased with the gift are non-returnable if the any of the items have been opened or the packaging has been tampered with.

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