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PMD Personal Microderm Elite Pro – Rose

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PMD Personal Microderm Elite Pro – Rose

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  • 86% saw improved skin tone
  • 86% saw improved skin texture
  • 89% said skin looked revitalized
  • 69% saw reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • 75% said skin felt more firmed and toned

How to Use

1. Cleanse and dry skin thoroughly

2. Using the white disc, practice on arm or leg before using on face

3. Pull skin tight to help device to smoothly glide over skin.

4. Move the device across skin in an upward motion.

5. Following treatment apply toner and moisturizer.

“Wash the cap and filter after each use The Personal Microderm should only be used once a week. Microderm removes the top layer of dead dull skin and your body needs one week to rejuvenate. Be patient. Use it consistently and you will see results. Anyone using chemical peels or products containing acids including hydroxy acids, malic acid, lactic acid AND/OR retinoids or retin A ingredients, must not use the Personal Microderm at the same time! This may cause skin to be too sensitive and use of the Personal Microderm is not recommended. Before it is safe to use the Personal Microderm, you must discontinue use of these products for at least seven days. Consult your doctor or dermatologist if you are unsure that the Personal Microderm is suitable for your skin”


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