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About Us


New York, New York - Take a visual artist, an economist and a potter who happen to be sisters and what do you get? Ask the Oishi Sisters and you’ll know you have the making of a successful company. Growing up in the family’s manufacturing business, the Sisters had intimate knowledge of how to develop and create products. “Our Japanese grandfather built a factory in the 1970’s and found their niche in beauty appliances, we made hair tools to achieve the perfect Farrah Fawcett look.” says Aki Oishi, BEAUTY TRIBE® CFO, with a smile. Their grandfather’s company grew and is now in its 4th decade of innovation and quality development.

Having joined forces, today the Sisters bring their heritage of manufacturing, as well as, their distinctive business and artistic design skills together to create “BEAUTY TRIBE”.


“Our vantage point is unique. Growing up, we saw how problems in manufacturing are answered through both creative and practical solutions. With that in place, we put a new focus on design and user experience.” Lea Oishi, BEAUTY TRIBE® CEO-Asia.

The Sisters have been front row to each other’s most jubilant and disappointing life moments and know the power of Sisterhood. Life can throw you curves. BEAUTY TRIBE® believes in empowering women to take on the day and let Beauty Tribe make sure your hair looks stunning.

“We call it ‘One less thing’. Women are out there building everything from companies to families, when your hair looks amazing, it’s one less thing to worry about, “chimes Aki Oishi.


“As we like to say, ‘We didn’t invent the roller. We just perfected it.’ ” says BEAUTY TRIBE® CEO North America and Co-Founder Michiyo Oishi. “We zeroed in on hot rollers because it was ripe for change. There was some innovation in heating speed, but the price was out of reach for most customers. Other details, like burning your fingers, were key elements, but didn’t get much attention. After reading hundreds of reviews we realized, this is fixable. We can do this.”

It took more than 2 years, but it was worth the wait to create the Jetset Collection of hot rollers. The product uses patented induction technology that heats in 8 seconds, resulting in faster optimum temperatures while protecting fingers with roller caps that stay completely cool to the touch. Creating products with superior engineering, beautiful design and are a joy to use is imperative to their mission.


All the Sisters agree that a confident woman is beautiful in every way. She knows who she is and is comfortable in her curves and curls. Why not celebrate that every day?

BEAUTY TRIBE® is an innovative beauty company that makes luxury salon quality hair tools affordable. Founded by 3 Sisters who believe gorgeous hair is just one element of self-expression and confidence, BEAUTY TRIBE® lives by the mantra:

“Follow your dreams. We’ll take care of your hair.”