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Tutorial - Bring on the Romantic Hair

Tutorial - Bring on the Romantic Hair

Whether it's everyday hairstyles or glam looks inspired by the latest runways and celebrities, we hope you'll have fun recreating timeless looks by following our tutorial series using our Jetset Hot Roller.

So you're wondering why hot rollers are back and are here for the long haul? In our post 7 Reasons to Try Hot Rollers, you’ll find out why professionals and die-hard hot roller fans are gaga about the versatile tool.

With gloomy days gone and the arrival of spring, let your hair down and enjoy these romantic curls! Here's how to get the look:


  • Jetset Hot Roller – for this look we used The Spiral set for more defined face framing curls.

  • Heat protection spray

  • Hair spray


Step 1:

Apply heat protection spray all over your hair and comb through. Also, when possible start with dry day-old hair. Why? Hair that’s too oily or freshly washed won’t hold curls as well.


Step 2:

Decide where you want your hair partitioned for your final look. Next, take a strand so it’s no wider than the width of the roller.

Step 3:

Set the rollers in your hair. For this look, all rollers will be placed horizontally.

Place the heated roller at the end of your hair, wrap your hair around the roller and finish rolling towards your scalp. Secure the roller with a wire clip, butterfly clip or, for a stronger hold use both by placing the wire clip first, then place the butterfly clip on top.

Does your hair have a lot of layers? Try placing the roller 2-3” from the ends of your strand, wrap the end around the roller first then roll the rest towards your scalp. This method will help capture any loose strands.

Step 4:

When you’ve finished placing all the rollers, mist a touch of hair spray over your entire head (optional).

Step 5:

Once all the rollers are in your hair, it’s time to let it set and cool. The amount of time for the roller to be set depends on the amount of hair you have and its texture. As a rule of thumb, we recommend 15-20 minutes for longer lasting curls.

When the color dots turn from white back to a solid red, the rollers are completely cool and ready to be taken out.

P.S: If you’re the master of multi-tasking, when your hair is setting it’s a great time to do your make-up, send emails or spend time with your kids

Step 6:

To take out the rollers, hold one end of the roller and gently unwind. If you decided to take the rollers out before the rollers are completely cool, it’s best to leave your hair untouched for about 5 minutes so the curl can set before styling for longer lasting curls.

Step 7:

Working from the scalp outwards, use your hands or fingers to style your hair.

Step 8:

Once you’ve got the look you adore, finish with a lightweight hair spray and you’re ready to take on the world!

For our behind the scene video visit us on Youtube.