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Brushes for the Perfect Blowout

Brushes for the Perfect Blowout


Professional blow outs – it’s tempting to walk into a salon and splurge anywhere between $20-$50 for 30mins of pampering and great hair results. Sure, I’d do that every day if I could too. But the reality is that it takes 1 hour or more roundtrip to get to the hair salon plus the blowout, and frankly speaking I wouldn’t have the budget to do it on a daily basis.

I say, it’s better to take control of your own blow out experience. Among the many ways to achieve this, is choosing the right brush. You can definitely invest in a great hair dryer that makes a difference, but without the perfect brush a blowout at home can become a styling nightmare. Getting the right brush is probably one of the most cost effective choices you can make too.

Round brushes are the go-to for blow outs.

Try purchasing a brush that has a conductive ceramic or tourmaline barreled surface. These brushes help capture heat from the hair dryer, smooths hair and effectively retains style. Double thumbs up if you use a vented barrel. The vented barrel maximizes airflow which gives you a faster drying experience.

What barrel diameter, did you ask? If you want to focus on more volume and curls try a brush with a smaller diameter. If a smooth style is your thing, opt for a larger barreled brush.

I like Olivia Garden's - HeatPro Thermal Round Brush. It’s ultra light, resists high temperatures, dries hair faster and adds shine. Pssst. It even includes a hidden tail comb for sectioning hair.