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Beauty Tribe Featured in Marie Claire's “The Next Big Thing”

Beauty Tribe Featured in Marie Claire's “The Next Big Thing”

Product: Jetset Hot Roller – The Volumizer
Reviewed by: Jennifer Goldstein - Executive Beauty & Health Editor

A huge thank you to Jennifer Goldstein for hand picking us to be featured in Marie Claire. We were thrilled to receive so many inquiries and see a surge in our sales! 

Marie Claire's “The Next Big Thing” issue featured our Jetset Hot Roller as one of “The New Products a Beauty Fiend Needs in Her Life.” Whether it’s high-tech hair care or bespoke makeup, we were listed as an “innovation that proves we're headed for a bright (dare we say, more beautiful?) future.”

We are so thrilled that Jennifer personally tested our The Volumizer model and found “you will be extremely satisfied”.

THE WHY: Curling iron made curls don’t last over a few hours due to the weight of her long hair, so she said “when a stylist friend told me that a "roller set" would last longer”, she decided to give our rollers a try.

THE TRY OUT: She noticed The Jetset Hot Roller’s patented heating technology, explaining how it “comes with an induction heater that warms curlers individually, so each goes into hair at the optimal temperature.” Also, as we promise “the roller caps stay cool the whole time, so there's no chance of burning your fingertips or ears.” In addition, within 5 minutes all of the rollers were in her hair and were “easy to secure” since the unit included both butterfly and wire clips.

THE VERDICT: Drum roll … “When I let down my strands, the roots had tons of volume, and my hair cascaded down my back in soft, loopy tendrils that lasted two entire days. If you think of these as "volumizers" or "blowout perfecters" rather than "curlers," you will be extremely satisfied”

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