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Age of Adaline Inspired Party Looks

Age of Adaline Inspired Party Looks

With the festive holiday season here, every woman (including us 3 sisters at BEAUTY TRIBE!) want the glam look that turns heads and celebrates the year gone by. We usually have the sparkly dress, pretty heels and smoky eye make-up down to a T, when preparing for an event or social gathering. But what’s missing? Holiday hair is a must for the ultimate look!

Age of Adaline – Racing Through Decades of Fashion.

What better way, than to be inspired by Blake Lively as she stars as Adaline Bowman in Age of Adaline. As Adaline endures decades while staying the age of twenty-nine, we are literally glued to the screen catching every nostalgic yet timeless fashion look that brings us into the present day.

From precise vintage finger waved hair delicately framing Adaline’s face in the 1930’s, to soft, youthful and romantic carefree curls in the 1950’s, we are in absolute awe.  In modern day, her loose waves gently cascade down to her shoulders and her side swept hair creates an elegant and sophisticated look.

No matter what time frame you choose, let Age of Adaline inspire your next holiday look.