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7 Reasons To Try Hot Rollers

7 Reasons To Try Hot Rollers

In the avalanche of new styling tools launched every month, choosing the right appliance can be agonizing. We’ve compiled a list of hot roller (aka hair setter) benefits which highlight the differences between other styling tools. For hot rollers that outperform the rest and curls that garner double takes, look to BEAUTY TRIBE’s Jetset Hot Rollers.

1. Short Styling Time - It takes 8 seconds for each BEAUTY TRIBE Jetset hot roller to heat-up and typically only a few minutes to set your hair. After that, all you do is to wait for the rollers to cool.

2. Multitasking - Use your time efficiently during busy morning hours by multitasking - apply make-up, do house chores or munch on your morning cereal. Feel free to do anything while waiting during the cool and curl process.

3. Volume - Agonizing over flat hair? Jealous of the glamorous, healthy celeb styles? Look no further. Adding volume to hair instantly gives a younger and luxurious impression. Hot rollers can help create volume by heating hair closer to the roots better than other styling tools. When setting your hair around the roller, start from your roots and begin by winding your hair away from the scalp to get the maximum effect.

4. Less Heat Damage - We've got to be honest with you, applying too much heat can cause hair damage. However, typically hot roller temperatures are lower than other styling tools. It's also much less likely you'll heat the same strand of hair multiple times when using hot rollers. Our hot rollers are calibrated to work efficiently without searing your hair, the velvety ionic roller surface will help smooth and shine hair. For added protection, use a touch of protection spray or cream.

5. Longer Lasting Curls - One of the keys to create lasting styles is to allow your hair to cool completely while the rollers are still in your hair. Hair has a memory and learns to retain its shape in its cooled state. Remember, don't pull or brush your waves immediately after removing the rollers and use hair spray for longer lasting results. Note: How long the style lasts is also dependent on the temperature, set time and each individual's natural hair type.

6. No Burns, No Worries - Tired of flinching every time you burn your fingers, neck or cheeks using a curling iron? Use our cool-to-the-touch roller caps to make sure you're burn free when achieving the look.

7. Easy To Handle - Have you ever given up using a curling iron because of poor hand-eye coordination? We know how you feel! Try hot rollers - the process is simple and newbie friendly!