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Want Stronger Nails in 7 days? Try these for guaranteed results!

If your nails are feeling weak, brittle, or just need some TLC, we’ve got it covered!

You don’t need to splash out on an expensive manicure when you want your nails to feel fabulous – all you need are the right at-home nail products.

From nail cuticle treatments to top coats, we’ve put together our top product recommendations, so you can give yourself at DIY mani at home and enjoy healthy, strong nails in just a few simple steps.

Want Stronger Nails in 7 days? Try these for guaranteed results

What causes weak nails? 

Weak nails can be caused by a variety of factors, with the most common reasons typically being the following:

  • Lack of vitamins and minerals in your diet 
  • Dehydration, or inadequate hydration 
  • Overusing acrylic or false nails 
  • Exposure to hot water (such as taking hot showers and baths) 
  • Biting your nails

Luckily, as your nails grow and fall off constantly, you can easily fix brittle nails with a consistent nail routine and the right products. 

Best Nail Products for Strong, Healthy Nails 

For strong and healthy nails, here are our top product recommendations from our Beauty Pro experts: 

Essie Treatment Ridge Fill Base Coat 

First of all, if you want to cover up any ridges or imperfections on your nails, we highly recommend Essie’s Ridge Filling Base Coat. This will allow you to cover up any nail breakage, ridges – or any other imperfections on the nails – before applying your nail polish.  

The results? Flawless, salon-level nail polish that doesn’t crinkle, smudge, or gather around any imperfections.   

Essie Treatment Ridge Fill Base Coat (Smooth Over)

How to use: After buffing, apply an even coat to each nail, and wait to dry before proceeding to the next step in your manicure.  

Essie Good-to-go Speed Setter 

Rushed for time? If you can’t wait for your nail polish to dry, give it a quick brush of Essie’s Good-to-go Speed Setter. Not only will it speed up the nail polish drying process, it’ll also leave your nails with a glossy, VIP sheen. It takes under just one minute to dry, so you can even get your nails done before work. 

This top coat will also protect your nail polish from damage when you’re out and about, so what’s not to love? For a salon-fresh shiny look, this is a must-have for your at-home mani routine.  

Essie Good To Go (Speed Setter)

How to use: Apply an even layer on top of wet or dry nail polish.  

Essie GC Top Coat 

A step up from Essie’s Good-to-go Speed Setter, this GC top coat by Essie provides glittering levels of sheen and gloss. 

Ideal for when you’re looking for a stand-out, high-shine look for your nails, this top coat will give you the ultimate sheen – even on the most muted of nail colors.  

Essie GC Top Coat

How to use: Apply an even layer on top of dried nail polish.  

Apricot Cuticle Oil 

To avoid brittle nails and ensure that your nails stay healthy and strong, don’t forget about the nail cuticles! The nail cuticles protect the nail from bacteria and protect your nails against external damage, so it’s important to keep them nourished and hydrated. 

Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil

With this Apricot Cuticle Oil by Essie, it’s easy to keep your nail cuticles in tip-top condition: the hydrating, nourishing formula will keep them smooth and supple, and keep your nails healthy as a result.   

How to use: Rub onto the nail cuticles 1-2 times a week, or during an at-home manicure. 

Essie GC Buttoned & Buffed 

The perfect accessory all year round? An eye-catching manicure! At BeautyTribe, we love a good at-home manicure; that’s why we have to include our current shade recommendations when it comes to nail polish. 

Our current favorite has to be Essie’s GC Buttoned and Buffed; this gorgeous peach-nude shade works with every skin tone and is perfect for the summer months.  

Essie GC Buttoned & Buffed

How to use: After buffing and applying a base coat, apply an even layer of polish to each nail and wait for it to dry. For best results and a vibrant color, apply 2-3 layers.  

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