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New Kerastase Genesis Homme – In depth review

Kerastate Gensis Homme is the new men’s haircare range from Kerastaste. While it’s not yet available in the UAE, we’ve got the low-down on what the range includes and how to use it. So, what can you expect from this new Kerastase range, and what does it do for your hair?

Kerastase Genesis Homme

Kerastase Genesis Homme: What is it?

Genesis Homme is a new men’s hair care range by Kerastase. The range focuses on hair loss and hair thickening as its principle concern. The range includes a thickening shampoo, a thickening shampoo for daily use, a thickening serum, molding clay and a thickness boosting spray.

The range is modelled off Kerastase’s original world-renowned Genesis range for women, which also targets hair loss and hair thinning.

What does Kerastase Genesis Homme do?

The new Kerastase Genesis range is designed to help men restore thickness and vitality to their hair using a combination of their shampoos, clay, serum and spray. The range uses a variety of active ingredients to promote hair growth, including creatine and ginger root.

Here’s a guide to what each product in the Kerastase Genesis Homme range does, so you can see for yourself whether it’s right for you:

Kerastase Genesis Homme Bain De Masse Épaississant (Shampoo)

This shampoo purifies and clarifies the scalp while offering thickening benefits for men’s hair (including the beard.) This shampoo promotes hair softness, volume and vitality.

Kerastase Genesis Homme Bain Quotidien (Daily Shampoo)
This formula is similar to the original Genesis shampoo, although as its name suggests, their daily shampoo is gentle enough for everyday use on both the hair and beard.

Kérastase Sérum Anti-Chute Fortifiant Homme (Hair Serum)

Similar to Kerastase’s anti-chute serum for women, this serum refreshes hair while preventing hair fall and hair loss. Enriched with ginger root and creatine, the serum nourishes the hair while protecting the hair fibers.


Kerastase Genesis Homme Spray de Force Épaississant (Boosting Spray)
You might not be used to seeing leave-in sprays used in men’s haircare, but this spray actually helps increase the appearance of hair thickness while double-functioning as hair fiber protection. Ideal for men with weak or thinning hair, this boosting spray can be used to provide 24h volume and hold.

Kerastase Genesis Homme Cire D’Épaisseur Texturisante
This thickening clay adds volume and texture to the hair, with a non-greasy matte hold perfect for everyday use.

What hair type is the Kerastase Genesis range best suited for?

Kerastase Genesis Homme is best suited to men with thinning hair, or hair prone to regular fall-out. The Genesis range is also designed to increase hair density and thickness, so you can still use these products even if you don’t suffer from any significant hair loss.

So, if you have thinning-to-normal hair, the Kerastase Genesis Homme range is suitable for you. When it comes to tackling particular hair concerns, we’d recommend this range for men looking to combat weak hair, hair loss, hair fall, thickness and hair breakage.

How to use Kerastase Genesis Homme

The best way to use Kerastase’s Genesis Homme range will depend on your own personal needs and hair type. For someone with normal thinning hair, here’s how you could use each product in a typical everyday haircare routine:

Step 1
Wash your hair gently using Kerastase Genesis Homme Bain Quotidien. Apply the product to wet hair before rinsing. Towel dry, without using too much friction on your hair.

Step 2
Once your hair is still damp, divide it into four sections. Apply one drop of Kérastase Sérum Anti-Chute Fortifiant Homme to each section, and work it into the scalp and roots. Don’t rinse.

Step 3

If you wish to create more fixed style or look, we’d recommend using the range’s Cire D’Épaisseur Texturisante (aka the molding clay.) This clay works best when you work it through damp hair, and creates a sleek matte finish.

Step 4
For a final thickening boost, apply a few sprays of the range’s Spray de Force Épaississant. You could also use this spray instead of the molding clay if you’d prefer a looser, more textured and beachy-style finish to your hair. The spray will add thickness while maintaining hold.

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