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Get rid of split ends with these 5 serum solutions

The ends of our hair are the oldest section of hair strands. Just think about the years of growth and how long it’s been with you. Due to this are often the most vulnerable to damage. Hair ends are often neglected in maintenance routine because more focus is on taking care of our roots and the parts further along the strand. This neglect often results in ends that are brittle, dry, hard textured and even split.

Split ends are mainly caused by natural ageing of hair and can occur within all hair types, including coiled hair. Everyday exposure to weather conditions, styling, over-combing, colouring, friction, and heat application accumulate as the years go by, leaving ends to split if not taken care of.  Ends can split into six distinct patterns and directions which are mainly tapered, Y split and a tree split depending on severity. Don’t believe the myth that spit ends stop hair from growing, as hair grows from the root and ends are the tips of hair. However, split ends do leave upper parts of the hair strand more susceptible to damage and breakage. It’s just like the saying ‘you’re only as strong as your weakest link,” split ends work in the same way. As soon as damage is detected, splits should be treated to also protect the entire head of hair.

Once hair ends split, they can be repaired with the proper products tailored to re-seal and connect ends back onto their original strand. Products that also perform double duty by restoring hair strength and protection to withstand daily stress and styling will offer the most benefits. No need to search yourself as our beauty pros have listed the best products to repair and protect split ends. Here are our top picks:

Kerastase Elixir Ultime L’Huile Rose

This residue free and luxury elixir is infused with Imperial Tea Extract, Camellia Oil and Marula Oil all to enhance hair colour, illuminate soften and most importantly visibly reduce split ends. As this serum is poured onto hair, it’s deeply nourishing and creates an irresistible fragrance for up to 24 hours. Don’t worry about the oils weighed hair down as this formula is non-greasy and lightweight.

Kerastase Elixir Ultime L’Huile Rose


Sachajuan Shine Serum

A serum that is specially made to repair and protect damaged hair ends. Once applied into the hair, is smoothens cuticles, seals split ends to smoothen the hair shaft and helps prevents future splitting and damage. Dull and coarse hair will love how it adds shine and can be left in for longer lasting effects. Hair ends are left restored to their natural pattern.

Sachajuan Shine Serum

Alterna Bond Repair 3 in1 Seal Serum

This powerful triple action 3-in-1 serum repairs, protects and seals hair ends in a single use. It can be used at any point during the hair care routine too. It repairs spilt ends by targeting the broken bonds and restoring them with the amino acid infusion contained inside. The anti-ageing properties will ensure hair ends stay youthful, manageable and fresh for longer.

Alterna Restructuring Bond Repair 3-in-1 Sealing Serum

Olaplex Bond Shampoo No 4

The Olaplex Bond Shampoo no4 was once only available in professional salons, now it’s accessible for anyone looking to get the salon quality products. It’s safe for daily use and works with a patented active ingredient to repair broken bonds along the hair shaft. This solves and prevents many future hair problems caused by breakage – including split ends. Adding a modest amount to ends can improve the natural texture to hair ends.

Olaplex Bond Maintenance Shampoo No.4

Kevin Murphy Angel Masque

An ideal mask for fine and damaged hair, this angelic treatment will feel heavenly sent after a deep conditioning session. It leaves hair feeling restored, thicker and increases hair’s resistance to prevent future split end damage. The nourishing ingredients contained inside add volume and fullness to hair.  Frequent users of colour will love that it is safe to use on coloured hair and aids in the restoration of split ends caused by colouring.

Kevin Murphy Angel Masque

Just like everything else in the material world, hair is vulnerable to ageing and sometimes succumbs in the form of split ends. However, this type of breakage can be avoided through proper maintenance before it becomes a problem. This includes going easy on the stressors that are applied to hair such as heat, combing, colouring and friction. Sleeping on satin pillowcases and using old shirts instead of woolen towels to dry hair will go a long way to protect your ends from splitting.

Take care of your hair ends as they’ve been with you throughout your hair entire hair journey. They are the investment of all the years’ long effort and maintenance you’ve put into growing your hair since the root phase.


*All products available in UAE only

*Disclaimer: Products are recommended and not meant to treat diagnose or cure any condition. Consult nearest salon stylist for professional help.  

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